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a stone statue of the evil Exodus.


Subsequent visits :

"For what dost thou return, Avatar?"

Initial visit :

You still remember vividly how you defeated Exodus in your third visit to Brittania.

Using the four cards, you tricked the accursed machine into destroying itself.

The statue speaks!

"We meet again, Avatar."

"Fear not! I have but one task now, and am no threat."

name :

"Though I no longer bear the form of the machine you destroyed, yet still am I Exodus."

job,task :

"The gargoyles have enshrined my spirit here as the embodiment of diligence."

dili,mant :

"I was once a powerful daemon."

"Diligence was the essence of my soul--cold, unswerving diligence in my path of conquest."

"But in my devotion to achievement I lost sight of my original goals."

"Diligence without a goal is as worthless as a goal without diligence."

"The means cannot replace the end, and diligence cannot be the goal."

"The gargoyles understand diligence."

"Their society is based on the diligent leading the wayward."

"In this way, they maintain their fight for survival in their harsh world."

bye :

If understand :

"Farewell, Avatar."

"May thy diligence maintain thee on thy quest."

If don't understand :

"Thou wilt need diligence to succeed in thy quest, Avatar."

other :

"I have no concern for matters such as <Last Input>"

-or- :

"I am enshrined here in eternal contemplation of the principle of diligence."

"Contemplate what thou hast learned. Repeat after me the Mantra of Diligence."




us :

"I can teach thee no more."

"Thy understanding is flawed. But I can teach thee no more."

"But thou wilt most of all need a clear vision of thy goal to be worthy."

Based upon karma level :

"Thy deeds show a lack of diligence"

"Thy deeds show misguided diligence"

"Thy deeds show the value of thy diligence"

"I admire thy deeds and thy diligence"