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an uncomfortable looking man sitting behind a cup of tea.


If brawling :

"Can't talk now. I'm--ungh!" He reels from a punch to his belly.

"I'm in the middle of something, <Gender>. Ouch!"

Not brawling :

"Hello." His gaze darts from side to side, lingering longingly on the mugs of ale his fellow patrons are gulping down heartily.

name :

Subsequent times :

"Well, I'm still Captain Elad."

Initial time :

He looks at you uneasily. "I'm Captain Elad. Not that it's any business of yours..."

job :

"I was Captain of the Theodosia Marie--until she sank."

capt :

"When you say 'Captain,' all the pirates at the table turn to you expectantly.

When they realize you weren't talking to them, they return to their business.

john :

"Captain John, that fool... He was captured by gargoyles."

"I hear they dragged him down into Hythloth, and nobody's seen hide nor hair of him since."

If Leonna nearby :

Leonna raises an eyebrow. "Is that so? I could tell a different tale..."

theo,mari,sank :

"Aye, 'twas a terrible ordeal. We were sailing just off Bordermarch when the whole island started shaking."

"Must have been one of those earthquakes we've been having."

terr,orde,sail,isla,shak,size,gone,ship :

"The whole island sank beneath the waves. We were caught in the huge whirlpool left in its wake."

"I was one of the lucky few to swim clear. But my ship's on the bottom of the ocean now, and that's the honest truth."

whir :

He shudders, then takes a sip of his tea. "I don't like to think about it."

bord :

"A fair sized island, and now she's gone! Some o' them earthquakes have been mighty fierce."

eart,quak :

"Yes, they started soon after Lord British was rescued from the underworld."

"I lost my ship to the last one."

lord,brit :

"I'd toast him with you, but this," he gestures disparagingly at his cup, "is hardly fitting for such an honor."

resc,unde :

"Surely you've heard tales of the Avatar's bold exploits?"

"It was all anyone was talking about round here for weeks."

rune :

"I wish I had one of them... I bet I could sell it for a pretty penny!"

mant :

"You don't hear much about the virtues in a pirate town..."

hone,trut,virt,tea :

"I could use more virtue in me life. I've just given up drinking, to start with."

drin :

"Aye, 'tis quite a temptation."

temp :

"Indeed." He takes another big gulp of tea.

bye :

Subsequent times :

The pirate smiles and waves goodbye, then scowls as he turns back to his mug of tea.

Initial time :

"Wait, before you go..."

"I was wondering--do you know the @Mantra of Honesty?"

no-"Oh. Well, let me know if you find out later."

yes-"I've been trying to find out what it is, so that I can better myself."

"I'll give you five gold if you tell me. Is it a deal?"

no-"I'll be here with the money if you change your mind."

yes-Okay, what is it?"

nothing-The pirate frowns.

ahm-"Thank you! Now my meditations will succeed at last!"

As you turn to leave, you think you might have caught a glimpse of Captain Elad stealing a swig from someone else's mug... But you can't be sure.

other :

"Ah, that's not important."