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a grunting and grumbling man with a large stomach.


Not at work :

"Hrmmph! Well, I'm busy now."

"Hrmmph, yes, well, come back to my shop tomorrow morning/this afternoon."

Initial visit :

"Hrmmph. Hello." His breathing is quite heavy.

Subsequent visits :

"Hrmmph, well. Haven't we...never mind. Hrmmph."

"What do you need?"

name :

"Efram the provisioner."

efra :

"It's a nice enough name, hrmmph."

buy :

"Which, torches, oil, gems, backpacks, bags, shovels, or powder kegs?"

job :

"I sell torches, oil, gems, backpacks, bags, shovels, and powder kegs."

torc,oil,flas,gem,back,bags,shov,powd :

"Which of you?"

<NPC Name> looks at <Character Name>. "It'll cost you # gold for each <Item Name>. How many do you want?"

Too many :

"Come now, that's a little much don't you think?"

None :

<NPC Name> frowns at <Character Name>. "Hrmmph. That was a fair price. Well..."

full :

<NPC Name> looks at <Character Name>. "You haven't any room in your pack."

Not enough gold :

<NPC Name> looks at <Character Name>. "A <Item Name> costs more gold than you have."

Made purchase :

He hands <Character Name> # <Item Name>\s.

"There ya go."

Can't carry all :

"That's all you can carry."

Can't afford all :

"That's all you can afford."

bye :

"I'm glad you stopped by." He gives you a firm handshake.

other :

"I'm sorry?"

-or- :

"Hrmmph, well, perhaps you could ask someone else."