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a gnarled man with knobby muscles.


"Hullo, <Gender>." He touches his cap respectfully.

He has a very sharp knife with which he prunes off less productive branches.

"Mind that you stay out of the flight paths of the bees, <Gender>."

name :

"Eckhart the vinekeeper, at your service, ma'am/sir."

bees,hone,mead :

You notice the bees have regular aerial routes all about the vineyard.

"Zeke keeps bees on the other side of the abbey, <Gender>."

job :

"I care for the garden and tend the vines."

gard,care :

"Some of our rosebushes were planted by druids hundreds of years ago."

"Eventually, we became the Brotherhood of the Rose."

vine,tend :

If in garden :

"These rows," he gestures, "are seedless grapes."

If not in garden :

"Here at the abbey we grow seedless grapes."

seed,less :

"Amazing, ain't it, <Gender>. The enchanter made them for us."

"Now I grow new vines by grafting seedless grapevines onto regular rootstocks."

nico,ench :

"Yes, <Gender>. He lives east of here, between two rivers."

"His hut be due north of Britain, or so they tell me."

grap :

If not it garden :

"Visit me in the fields some time and I'll give you some!"

If in garden :

"Now those grapes there are for making wine."

If Dupre in party :

Dupre says "I cannot say which I like better: wine from grapes or mead from honey!"

"And these over here are for eating."

He gives you a plump little bunch of sweet table grapes.

wine :

"Ask Faren of that."

fare :

"Yes, Faren--the local winemaker."

bye :

He waves and turns back to work.

-or- :

Eckhart waves goodbye.

other :

"Beg pardon, <Gender>?"