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a large, winged gargoyle of regal bearing.


Not learned Gargish, not submitted :

The gargoyle screams, "An-bal-sil-fer! Klep lem! Por-aylem ter-ort ka!"

Learned Gargish, submitted :

"To be honored by your presence, noble <Avatar Name>. To feel sorrow that matters of state prevent conversation."

"To summon you when proper time for your sacrifice has come."

Learned Gargish, with Beh Lem :

"To refrain from slaying you only because of the presence of the child, False Prophet!"

Subsequent visits :

"To demand to know why you have returned here, False Prophet!"

Intial visit :

"To express astonishment at your audacity, False Prophet!"


name :

"To be named Draxinusom, leader of our race."

If not submitted :

"To demand to know why you have come before me!"

job :

"To be the leader of our race. To have little time to waste chatting with the False Prophet!"

bye :

"Flee, False Prophet! To seize you for sacrifice the instant my army returns from the Underworld!"

seer,scho,sacr,talk,valk,naxa :

The gargoyle shows you a crystal amulet dangling from a leather cord.

"Hsss....To consent to wear this?"

no-"Begone, False Prophet! To seize you for sacrifice the instant my army returns from the Underworld!"

yes :

If Dupre in party :

Trusted Dupre whispers frantically to you, "You mustn't! It's some sort of magical trap!"

The gargoyle waits impatiently for an answer. "Yes or no, False Prophet?"

no-"To be necessary for surrender! To ask again for your acceptance of this."

yes-"To be suspicious of thy motives..."

Your answer:

The gargoyle hands you the amulet, and you slip the leather loop over your head.

"To surprise me with the nobility of your deed. To no longer be a threat to my people."

"To bid you to travel among my people, talk to them, learn our ways."

"To inform you when the time of your sacrifice has come."

bye :

"To have known it all along!"

"To be a fool for trusting the False Prophet for a moment!"

"To be here to surrender?"

yes-"To be willing to die to save my people?"

no-"To grow impatient with your babbling!"

"To grant me your life?"


"To ignore the rhetoric of the False Prophet!"

"To warn you of imminent attack!"