Dr Cat

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Dr Cat


an amused looking gentleman.


Taynith visiting :

"You'll have to excuse me, but the bar's closed right now."

"Taynith and I have a lot to talk about."

If closed :

"Come by the Cat's Lair when I'm open for business."

If Sherry in party :

"Ah, I see you've brought me a tasty little mouse to feed my pets..."


"Don't worry, I was just kidding... Any friend of Lord British is a friend of mine."

Initial visit :

"Welcome to the Cat's Lair."

Subsequent visits :

"Anything else I can do for you?"

name :

"My name's Dr. Cat."

pet,cat :

"If you treat my cats well, they'll treat you the same."

buy,sell :

"Which, ale, mead, wine, milk, or mutton?"

mead,ale,wine :

"Which of you?"

"That's # crowns. Want some?"


yes, but full-"You don't have room to carry it."

yes, not enough gold-"You're a bit short on gold."

yes-"Here you are." <NPC Name> gives <Character Name> the <Item Name>.

"Drink up and enjoy, for who knows what tomorrow may bring?"

milk :

"Which of you?"

"Milk is very good for you, and only 5 crowns for a whole bucket. Want some?"

no-If you aren't thirsty, you could always get some to give to the cats."

"It's the quickest way to get on their good side."

yes, but full-"You don't have room to carry it."

yes-<NPC Name> gives <Character Name> the milk. "You have good taste, my friend."

yes, not enough gold-"You're a bit short on gold."

rati, mutt :

"Which of you?"

"I sell the finest mutton, and for only 3 gold per serving. How many servings do you want?"

Inventory full :

<NPC Name> looks at <Character Name>. "You haven't any room in your pack."

Not enough gold :

"You're a bit short on gold."

Bought items :

<NPC Name> hands the rations to <Character Name>.

He hands <Character Name> # mutton ration(s).

If inventory partially full :

"That's all you can carry."

If short on gold :

"That's all you can afford."

job :

"I sell ale, mead, wine, milk, and mutton. Of course I like to chat with my patrons, and indulge in a friendly game every now and then."

indu,game :

"Thindle and Mortude may not agree, but I like a game that provides a little intellectual challenge."

inte,chal :

"I think I've got time for a quick game of Nim..."

"Would you care to wager on the outcome, just to keep things interesting?"

no-"Well, maybe after you've had a few practice games."

yes-"Tell you what... I'm in a reckless mood. This time you can bet as much as you like."

-or- :

"Excellent! How much would you like to bet?"

If don't have enough :

"You don't have that much..."

If bet more than 50 gold :

"That's a little steep for a friendly game. Let's just make it 50 crowns."

"Let me just remind you of the rules, in case you don't remember."

"We start with ten pieces." He takes some colorful glass beads out of his pocket.

"Each player takes turns, taking one, two or three beads out of the pile."

"Whoever gets the last one wins!"

"I'll play first this time."

-or- :

"I'll let you play first this time."

There are # beads left. How many do you take?

"I'll take # bead(s)."

If Avatar loses :

"I won!"

"Don't take it too hard... I've had a lot of practice."

"I'll put your money someplace safe, in case you want to come and win it back later."

If Avatar wins :

"Well done! You got the last bead."

He takes some money out of a pouch and pays off your wager.

"Would you like to play again?"

no-"Purrrrhaps some other time, then."

thin,mort :

"I'm sure he'd be glad to play a few rounds of flippits with you."

play,flip :

"If only I had a copy of Snilwit's Big Book of Boardgame Strategy..."

"Then I could find some really fine games to teach everyone."

snil,book,boar,stra,teac :

"Have you got a copy of Snilwit's that you'd be willing to sell?"

no-"That's too bad. I'd pay well for it."

yes, don't have book-"You must be mistaken."

yes, inventory full-"Put down some stuff, <Character Name>, so you can carry some gold!"

yes, sell book-"Great! This is the definitive reference on boardgames."

He takes the book and gives you/<Character Name> # gold crowns.

patr :

"This is a nice friendly town. All the townsfolk know each other. We get a lot of visitors, too."

visi :

"I chose Paws for my tavern because it's right on the King's Way, midway between Britain and Trinsic."

"There's no better travelled spot in all Britannia, and that makes for good business."

paw :

"I like the name of the town too, of course!"

brit :

"A nice place to visit, eh?"

trin :

"A bit too honorable for my tastes, if you know what I mean..."

tayn :

"Taynith is my dearest friend. Her gypsy band travels the King's Way."

"Once a week, she stops in to say hello."

gyps,band,pass,week :

"Don't get the two gypsy bands mixed up... Taynith travels with Zoltan."

"The other group are a bunch of pickpockets and scallawags..."

zolt :

"Yes, Zoltan, king of the gypsies!"

king :

"I guess you can call yourself king of anything, if nobody comes along to dispute it..."

duck :

"A friend of Taynith's, are you? Here, have one on the house." He hands you an ale.

"Taynith bet me one time I couldn't catch a duck with my bare hands."

"So I did, and had a leash made for it, so I could give it to her as a pet."

"I doubt she still has it, though. I saw Zoltan eyeing it hungrily..."

purr :

"Very good! you purr almost as well as Kytyn."

kyty :

"She lives in Britain."

mand :

"Are you friends of that deadbeat? He owes me for more drinks than I care to think about."

"The only reason I give him food and drink is because he can't sing with his mouth full!"

bye :

"Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels tend thee to thy rest."

other :