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a stunningly beautiful young woman.


The woman never looks up from the book she's reading, even when you speak to her.

Initial visit :

"Yes, what do you want?"

Subsequent visits :

"Yes, what do you want now?"

name :

"My name's Doris, but you can just call me 'Hey you.'"

"Everyone else does."

hey,you :

"Typical," she mutters.

job :

"I'm in charge of the Tinker's Inn while my father's away."

"If you have any complaint, no matter how trivial, please feel free to bother me."

It doesn't really sound like she means what she said.

rest,inn,room :

"Room and board's 5 gold per night per person, cash in advance."


no-"What a pity."

yes-Your party takes up a collection to pay for the rooms.

Putting all thoughts of the rude innkeeper out of your mind, you drift off into a pleasant sleep.

The next morning, Doris sullenly serves you breakfast and then returns to her studies.

yes, no gold-"No pay, no stay. 5 gold, cash in advance."

beau :

"Yes, that's what they all say."

fath :

"My father called me back from the Lycaeum so that he could go fight the gargoyles."

book,read,lyca :

"Yes, I'm learning the mystic arts from the great Xiao."

"Though I doubt you'd know much about that sort of thing."

xiao :

"She is the wisest mage in all Britannia."

"Only she can teach the spells of the greatest power."

wise,mage,brit,powe,spel,grea :

"Mmm-hmm, that's right."

bye :

"Mmm-hmmm," she mutters as you leave.

other :

"Oh really?"

-or- :

"Hmm, fascinating," she yawns.