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a plump older woman with an apron about her waist.


Subsequent visits :

"Oh, good, you've come back. Perhaps for some pie?" She smiles broadly.

Initial visit :

"Hello," she says in a scratchy yet firm voice. "What can I do for ye?"

name :

"Dorin...and yours?"

"That's nice."

moth :

"She was a wonderful cook. Taught me all I know."

dori :

"It was my mother's name."

job :

"At the moment, only Meri and I are here, so I guess I must conduct the business."

shee,busi :

"We are shepherds. We sell wool."

timo :

"He and I like to care for the less fortunate people in town. I like him alot."

shor,mort :

"Old Shorty, eh? He's actually quite a nice little man."

mari :

"A bit caught up in herself, but likable."

arbe :

"Poor little guy. He's afraid of the dark, or so I'm told."

gris :

"He has the best flour in all the land."

meri :

"She's my little angel. If you see her around here, tell her I have errands to run."

hend :

She winces at his name. "He is a hard worker, but sometimes his smell is quite strong."

uber :

"I like to go on walks with Uby. He has such an interesting life."

pie :

"Oh, dear, I'm afraid you just missed the last piece."

"But I'm baking another, and I'll be sure to save you a slice!"

"Yes, I'm baking the nicest shepherd's pie right now."

"It's not done yet, but you can have a slice as soon as it is!"

buy,sell,wool :

"Which of you?"

"We charge 5 gold for a bale of wool. Would you like some?"

yes, but full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes-"Very good." After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the wool.

yes, no money-"I'm sorry, but you don't seem to have enough money."

no-"It was a pleasure doing business with you."

bye :

She wipes her hand on her apron, and then waves it at you.

other :

"Sorry, don't know about any <Last Input>."