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a very large woman with a deliberate smile.


Initial visit :

"Dezana knows much. Have you returned for more talk or are you in need?"

Subsequent visits :

"Mmm...yes?" She looks down at you, her eyes merely slits.

name :

"Dezana." She smiles like a cat preparing for a meal.

job :

"I can heal, cure, and even resurrect."

need :

"Yes? What is thy need--healing, curing or resurrection?"

heal :

Avatar healthy :

"You look fine to me."

Party healthy :

"None of you look hurt!"

Injured :

"Which of you?"

"I see thy injury, <Character Name>."

"It will cost you 30 gold, interested?"

no-<NPC Name> approaches <Character Name> and binds the wounds.

yes-"You must pay before I can heal you."

"Is there something else I can do for you?"

cure :

Avatar healthy :

"You don't look poisoned."

Party healthy :

"Perhaps you have a hangover, 'cause none of you are poisoned."

Poisoned :

"Which of you?"

"You look poisoned to me." She nods at <Character Name>.

"It'll cost you 10 gold, interested?"

yes-<NPC Name> grabs a vial and pours it down <Character Name>'s throat.

<Character Name> feels much better.

resu :

No corpse :

"What? But you carry no dead body!"

Have corpse :

"I see that <Character Name> carries a departed friend."

"Resurrection costs 400 gold, interested?"

no-"As you wish."

yes, no gold-"You don't have enough gold."

"You might think about a proper burial."

yes, group gold-Your party takes up a collection for their fallen comrade.

<NPC Name> lays hands upon the corpse...




And the dead live again!

If have another corpse :

"I see that <Character Name> carries another slain friend."

deza :

"That is correct. Now, are you here to chat, or are you in need?"

talk,conv,chat :

"There are many words which travel about this small hamlet."

"Many are intriguing, some are even dangerous. What words have you heard?"

ghos :

"That is one worth speaking about. You see, many people travel the spirit world."

"Some are lost souls, others have a purpose. Quenton is not a lost soul."

trav,spir,worl :

"It is a mystical place between here and the hereafter. Quenton resides there."

lost,soul :

"They spent their whole life without learning anything or growing inside."

"They are as children left alone in a crib. Never learning, always seeking."

quen :

"He had attained much wisdom before he was forced from here."

"If his ghost has been seen..."

"And I believe he has..."

"Then he must be attempting to communicate with us about some unfinished business."

"Perhaps he knows who killed him."

kill,comm :

"I know this much: if you wish to find out who murdered him, you won't be able to ask his ghost."

"You see, the spirit world can not communicate with ours directly."

"Although his ghost can hear your questions, he'll respond by manipulating the environment."

mani,envi :

"Yes, you know, make him demonstrate his answers by, say, shaking a branch."

garg :

"Those creatures are dangerous. I have heard that they can tear a man to pieces."

"So why, then, did the gargoyles not attack Stivius as well?"

"Certainly he would have tasted just as good."

tren,bell :

"He is a very stiff man. I believe he may be hiding something about his past."

yorl :

"A nice fellow, but a bit too simple for me."

mich :

"I know something about everyone in this village. However, this man is unknown to me."

"He never talks about his past."

gide :

"He is a dear old man. Never has a mean thing to say of anyone."

stiv :

"A quaint little man. He has strong feelings for me."

"I must admit, he has a cute way about him."

marn :

"She has seen much pain in her life. More than even I can heal. I pity her."

hora :

"He was once a great man. Discovered many of the herbs I use in healing."

"He discovered something else, however: that total knowledge can corrupt totally."

"I don't know what drove him mad. And I don't want to know." She shudders slightly.

bye :

"Return when you need healing."

other :

"It is not my place to talk about that."