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a man who looks very amused--whether with his surroundings or himself is hard to say.


"Ah, welcome, <Gender>! Come have a drink with me!"

Initial visit :

"Have you had your fortune told yet?"

yes/no-"Some people think Penumbra's a hoax. But she knows her stuff. You should bear with her - she can truly be of great assistance to you."

name :

"Derydlus. And what was yours again?"

"Oh, yes, of course. Come, have a seat."

job :

"Trying to discover all the subtleties of Frasier's Folly is almost a career in itself!"

He smiles.

drin :

"Aye, this is the home of Frasier's Folly!"

subt,disc,fras,foll :

"In all the towns of Britannia, you'll find no better brew."

mand :

"Here's to Mandrake!"

manr :

"My drinking buddy! Let's drink a toast to him, wherever he is."

If Manrel present :

"I'll drink to that!"

penu :

"She's a strange one, but she has the gift."

bye :

"Leaving already? And you're not even wobbling yet..."

other :

"I'll drink to that," he says, suiting action to words.

-or- :

"'<Last Input>? Aye, indeed! A toast to <Last Input>!"