De Hugh

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De Hugh


a commanding presence: a tall warrior in black armor.


Initial visit :

He stands and bows to you.

"<Gender>. Art thou a warrior?"

no-"Then why hast thou come to Serpent's Hold?"

yes-"Good! I seek courageous warriors to accompany me."

name :

"Who wants to know?"

"Well, `<Last Input>, I am Baron de Hugh."

job :

"I am a mercenary now."

join,merc :

"First I shall gather an army."

army,warr,acco :

"I plan to build my reputation as a great fighter."

"My army and I will kill the mighty daemon Sin'Vraal!"

demo,daem,kill,sin,'vra,vraa :

"He is a malevolent creature, lord over numerous servants who crawl about the desert."

dese :

"It is on the north-eastern tip of Britannia. Look it up on a map."

cour :

"It is foolish to be courageous unless one is backed by a well-trained force of fighters."

"Or unless one happens to be the Avatar, I imagine."

avat :

"I heard at the guild that the Avatar was in town!"

guil,orde :

"Koronada says I will be considered for membership when I have done something noteworthy."

"Have ye ever done aught worthy of note?"

no-"Well, actually, neither have I!"

yes-"Then surely Koronada has heard of ye. Tell him your name and he may invite ye to join the Silver Serpent guild."

koro :

"He is firm but fair. He does not wish to see any unworthy person bear the Silver Serpent blazon."

silv,serp :

"I believe the silver serpent is a quick and highly venomous creature."

blaz :

"A blazon is a shield marking, such as a serpent."

bye :

"Good luck, <Gender>."

other :

"That I cannot help ye with."