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a skinny, awkward looking man, wearing boots that come up past his knees.


"Hey hey hey! Welcome to the finest sewers in Britannia."

"You look like you need a nickname, so I'll call you 'ducks.'"

name :

"My name's Daros, old duck." He shakes your hand.

job :

"Well, ducky, I keep the sewers running the way they should."

"When work is slow, sometimes I play a joke or two on my friends to keep things lively." He winks at you.

frie :

"Even though we don't know each other that well, I'd like to think of you as my friend already."

play,joke :

"Oh you know, ducks, the usual kinds." He nudges you in the ribs.

sewe,work :

"Britain is the biggest city in the world, and all those people use a lot of water."

"All the runoff drains down here. It's not a bad place to work, really, except for the @rats."

rat :

"They're pretty big, ducky, but not to worry."

"They usually won't eat you until after they've killed you first."

"Of course, if you have a set of panpipes, I hear you can just pipe them away..."

pan,pipe :

"I don't have a set myself. I usually just run away."

run,away :

"It's real good exercise!"

wate,runo,drai :

"I wouldn't go swimming around here, ducks."

brit :

"Go back up and have a look! I'm sure it's still there."

He grins, obviously delighted with his own sense of humor.

bye :

"See you around, old duck."

He gives you a hearty slap on the back as you leave, which almost knocks one of the straps on your pack loose.

other :

"That's not something I talk about much, down here..."