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a stern, severe man in white robes.


You interrupt the man from his research.

"Yes, yes, what is it?"

"You've come for healing, I suppose."

heal :

Uninjured :

"I can do nothing for those scars. Still, they look healed."

"Why do you waste my time? None of you are wounded!"

Injured :

"Which of you?"

Avatar :

"<Character Name>, your injury is most interesting!"

Non-Avatar :

"Ah! <Character Name>, you have an injury worthy of my skill!"

"It will cost you 30 gold for me to heal you, interested?"

yes-Laying hands upon <Character Name>, Dargoth mends the wounds.

"What else do you need?"

no-"I need to be paid to heal you."

cure :

Not poisoned :

"You don't look good, but you're not poisoned."

"Why do you waste my time? None of you are poisoned!"

Poisoned :

"Which of you?"

Avatar :

"Fascinating, <Character Name>! I have read about such poison only in ancient books!"

Non-Avatar :

"I haven't gotten many cases like this since they invented swamp boots."

"It'll cost 10 gold to cure you, interested?"

yes-Laying hands upon <Character Name>, Dargoth removes the poison.

yes, no gold-If you can't pay, I can't cure you."


resu :

No characters dead :

He raises an eyebrow.

"You may not be my choice for dinner conversation, but none of you are dead."

Character dead :

Seeing the dead body that <Character Name> carries, he becomes more polite.

"I am sorry you've lost a compatriot."

"For 400 gold I can attempt resurrection, interested?"

no-"Resurrection is a difficult task. I'm sorry, but I need to be paid."

yes, no gold-"That ain't enough money."

"You are # gold piece(s) short."

"Go see a gravedigger. I'll reckon his price'll be lower."

yes, have gold-Your party takes up a collection for their fallen comrade

Dargoth lays hands upon the corpse...




And the dead live again!

If have another corpse :

"I see that <Character Name> carries another slain friend."

name :

"I am Dargoth, master of medical lore."

job :

"My true calling is research."

"My studies here have advanced the healing art throughout the world!"

"But, more often than not, I am called upon to cure poison ivy and heal paper cuts!"

"I grow weary of such trifles!"

bye,no :

"Stay out of trouble!"

"I don't want to see my fine workmanship wasted!"

yes :

"Well, what can I do for thee?"

other :

"Come, come, get to the point. I'm a busy man!"