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a short, dark man, covered in white flour.


Subsequent visits :

"Hello again, my friend!"

Initial visit :

"Hello there, my friend!"

As he shakes your hand enthusiastically, clouds of flour fly off his clothes.

name :

"I'm Cullen, Cullen the Baker."

job :

"I'd have thought that'd be obvious! I'm a baker!"

As he laughs heartily, more clouds of flour rise off his clothing.

"You can buy bakery goods from me or perhaps you have some flour to sell, eh?"

bake :

"I bake goods for Lord British himself!" the man says proudly.

"If you'd like to buy some, just say the word!"

buy :

Shop closed :

"Come to my shop when it's open!"

Shop open :

"Which of you?"

No character selected :

"Suit yourself."

Character selected :

"Which item?"

No item selected :

"Suit thyself, <Character Name>, but thou'lt find no better!"

Item selected :

"Those cost # gold each."

"How many do you want, <Character Name>?"

none :

"Suit thyself, but thou'lt find no better!"

Large number :

"Whoa! Don't buy out my entire stock!"

Can't carry all :

"Thou canst not carry that many!"

"I will sell thee just # <Item Name>(s)."

Can't carry any :

"But thou canst not carry any <Item Name>s!"

Can't afford all :

"Thou hast not enough gold for that many!"

"I will sell thee just # <Item Name>(s)."

Can't afford any :

"But thou canst not afford any <Item Name>!"

If bought item :

"Here's thy <Item Name>‚ plus one for luck!"

"How about something else, <Character Name>?"

no, solo-"Perhaps some other time, then."

no, group-"Perhaps one of thy friends, then?"

no, one other member-"Perhaps thy friend, then?"

sell,flou :

Shop closed :

"Come to my shop when it's open!"

Shop open :

No flour :

"Sorry, none of you has any flour."

Have flour :

"Which of you?"

<NPC Name> turns to <Character Name>, and says "Will you take 5 gold for that sack of flour?"

yes-"Done!" He hands <Character Name> 5 gold pieces and takes the sack of flour.

Character has no flour-"Sorry, you haven't any flour."

no-"Changed your mind, eh?" he folds his arms.

"Well, what else will it be then?"

bye :

"Come again soon!"

other :

"Hmmm... <Last Input>..."

-or- :

"<Last Input>..."

"Nope, I don't know anything about that!"