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an old, winged gargoyle. An odd device crafted of glass and metal rests upon his face.


Not submitted :

The gargoyle ignores you and continues writing.

Submitted :

"Yes? To inquire about the reason for (yet another/this)interruption."

code :

"To suppose that you are making a joke."

"To know as well as you that you took the Codex to your side of the world!"

temp,sing :

"To not be a signpost!"

"To find the Temple of Singularity in the mountains to the north - if you can fly!"

fly :

"To be unable to reach the mountain-locked Temple of Singularity on foot."

"To only be able to reach that holy place if you are a winged gargoyle."

"To find this most fitting and proper."

"To see no reason to let human riff-raff into the Temple."

lens :

"To find what you seek in the Vortex Chamber."

book,ritu :

"To find what you seek in the Librum Chamber."

cube :

"To regret that that item is lost, stolen by human thieves years ago."

"To have heard the humans mention the name Stonegate as they fled."

"To have heard them say they would sail through Lost Hope Bay."

"To know nothing more about its whereabouts."

moon :

"To admit ignorance regarding the location of the moonstones."

ston,gate :

"To suspect it to be someplace in the human-filled Underworld."

name :

"To be called the Caretaker, in lieu of a name."

"To be honored by being allowed to perform my duties as caretaker of this Hall."

job,dut,care :

"To care for my race's artifacts that rest here in the Hall of Knowledge."

hall,know :

"To keep the treasured artifacts of our race here in this Hall, in the three chambers."

cham,vort,libr,huma :

"To have three rooms here:"

"To keep artifacts from the Underworld in the Human Chamber, to the east."

"To keep valuable books in the Librum Chamber, to the west."

"And to keep the Cube and the Lens in the Vortex Chamber, to the south."

unde :

"Yes, the Underworld. To believe you know it as 'Britannia.'"

bye :

"Without another word, the gargoyle returns to his work.

other :

"To lack any time for idle chatter."

"To desire you to get to the point and then depart."