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a paladin with a longsword on his back.



fine,well,good,okay,ok :

"I am pleased to hear that. I wish I were healthy again.

other :

"I see. I would that I were healthy again, too. But please, <Gender>. Let me tell you of my adventure."

name,knig :

"Sir Caradon of Trinsic, at thy service."

job,serv :

"I am a knight. Currently, though, I am recovering from a battle."

adve,heal,batt :

"I've just come home from fighting in Yew. I fought gargoyles near the shrine."

shri,yew,figh :

"There I was, with ten companions. Outside the Shrine of Honesty stood two gargoyles."

"I saw them drink from little vials right before they charged us."

"Large, clumsy brutes they were. They should have been easy to dispatch..."

"But they fought like cyclones!"

"My captain ordered me to go to town for help when only we two and the gargoyles were left standing."

"Just as I was returning with some guards, I saw the monsters throwing my friends' dead bodies onto a fire."

"Then the gargoyles looked up at us and fell over, both dead."

dead :

"Yes, just like that: all of a sudden!"

"I only wish I could have killed them myself, for vengeance!"

veng :

"If they had not burned his body, my captain might have been resurrected."

For a moment, Caradon looks ready to weep. "The beasts!"

beas,garg :

"Monsters with eyes like coals and skin like rock."

bye :

"Farewell, <Gender>."

other :

"I cannot help thee with that."