Captain John

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Captain John


a long-haired gentleman with a scholarly demeanor.


Subsequent visits :

"Ah, my good friend! Thou hast returned!"

Initial visit :

"Praise the virtues! Humans have arrived here at last!"

"But what's this? Not just any humans--the Avatar!"

"'Tis most fortuitous that thou hast returned, noble <Avatar Name>."

"Many cataclysms have occurred since thou last visited Britannia!"

name :

"Why, I'm Captain John, <Avatar Name>!"

job :

"For several years I have been here in the catacombs, studying the gargoyles."

stud :

"Yes, I have learned much about them!"

garg :

"They are not evil, as most humans believe!"

"I have spent much time talking to them, and I have found them to be almost human."

"I have learned about their society, their beliefs and their language."

know,worl,cata :

"The gargoyle world, once as large as Britannia itself, is slowly being destroyed!"

"The forces thou set in motion have caused great sections of their land to fall off into the void!"

"Only a single gargoyle city remains."

city :

"The gargoyle City of Investigation, their place of learning and government, is all that is left."

"Thou must do something to save the gargoyle race!"

"I know not what, however."

"Thou must talk to the gargoyles."

soci :

"There are two kinds of gargoyles, winged and wingless ones."

"At first it seemed as if the wingless ones were slaves."

"But now I know that the wingless ones are beloved and valued family members."

"They must be told what to do, because they are not truly intelligent."

"The gargoyles live honorably, by their own set of beliefs."

beli :

"The gargoyles' beliefs are much like our own."

"Where we have the three principles of Truth, Love and Courage, they have the principles of Control, Passion and Diligence."

"Directly, these lead to the virtues of Direction, Feeling, and Persistence."

"Combined, they lead to Balance, Achievement and Precision."

"Taken all together, they point to Order."

"And the sum of all the principles is Singularity."

"Gargoyle society stresses unity and singularity in all things."

"They have to; their world has always been harsh, even before the cataclysms."

lang,talk :

"With the help of a gargoyle child, Beh Lem, I have learned how to speak their language."

"Wouldst thou like to learn?"

no-"But you must!"

"Thou hast no chance of saving the gargoyles if thou knowest not their language!"

yes-"I had a silver tablet that contained much of what I had learned."

"I gave it to some gypsies to take to Mariah, at the Lycaeum."

"Did it arrive safely?"

yes-"Good! I am glad to know that the gypsies kept their word."

"That tablet must have amazed Mariah!"

no-"No?! But I paid money, good money, for them to carry it to her!"

"No matter. Now that thou art here, all is well."

"You can study the gargoyles yourself, and carry the knowledge back to the surface!"

"Here." He hands you a scroll."

"Use this scroll; it contains a basic vocabulary of the Gargoyle language."

beh,lem :

"He and I meet every day at noon, where Hythloth emerges in the gargoyle lands."

"Go and speak with him, learn about the gargoyles."

"You must save them!"

join :

"No, I cannot. I must stay here and continue my writing."

"But Beh Lem may join thee."

"With his help, thou canst travel the gargoyle lands and learn how to save them."

bye :

"Farewell again, noble Avatar."

"As the gargoyles say, 'May thy persistence and precision lead to success.'"

"Upon you rests the future of an entire race."

If haven't learned about Beh Lem :


"Thou must meet Beh Lem and travel with him among the gargoyle people."

"That is the only way you can save them, and save them you must!"

"And without Beh Lem with you, the gargoyles will attack!"

other :

"Oh, the things I could say of that!"

"But we have not the time."

"When both worlds have been saved, then we can discuss such matters."