Captain Fox

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Captain Fox


a handsome gentleman, immaculately dressed.


If brawling :

"Can't talk now, <Gender>." He pauses to punch another pirate in the belly.

"Come back later when I've less on my mind!"

Not brawling :

"Hello, <Gender>. Your company is welcome."

name :

"I'm Captain Fox, of the Silken Stag."

capt :

"When you say 'Captain,' all the pirates at the table turn to you expectantly.

When they realize you weren't talking to them, they go back to what they were doing.

silk,stag :

"We just stopped off here for some supplies and a drink or two."

drin,two :

"Well, maybe three wouldn't hurt."

job :

"I sail the wide, wide sea, to the edges of the world and back again."

"Of course, I'm also known for the paintings I create in my spare time."

pain :

"There are a few of them around here. Go see for yourself."

john :

"Captain John, that lunatic?"

"I hear he went underground seeking the gargoyles, but he fled from the first one he encountered."

"Nobody knows where he is now."

If Leodon present :

"Well, that's not what I heard." says Leodon.

unde :

"Under the earth is no place for a seafaring man to be."

garg :

"Tough creatures. My crew and I steer well clear of them."

edge,world :

"Don't go too far, matey--ye'll fall off!" He laughs a hearty laugh and takes a swig of ale.

bye :

"Until we meet again."

other :

"I can't help ye with that."

-or- :

Your question makes him laugh suddenly. His ale spills across the table.

He continues laughing as he pours himself another ale.