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a golden-haired young man.


Subsequent visits

"Avatar! Good

Initial visit :

"Hey! The Avatar! Good <Time of Day>, <Gender>!"

"You've come to me to aid thee in thy quest! What an honor!"

"What else can I do for thee?"

buy :

I have a large inventory, so be more specific:"

"Dost thou want arms or armor?"

arms, armo :

Shop closed :

"Come by my shop when I'm open!"

Shop open :

"Which of you?"

No character selected :

"Changed your mind, eh?"

Character selected :

"That <Item Name> costs # gold."


yes, full-But 'twould make thee o'erburdened, <Character Name>!"


After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the <Item Name>.

yes, no gold-"But thou hast not enough gold, <Character Name>!"


sell :

Shop closed :

"Come by my shop when I'm open!"

Shop open :

Nothing of interest :

"Sorry, none of you has anything I need."

Have weapons/armour :

"Aye, <Character Name> has something of interest..."

"Which of you?"

"Which item?"

"Will you take # gold for that <Item Name>, <Character Name>?"

no, only one item-"Perhaps some other time, then."

no, many items-"Perhaps something else then?"

yes-"Done!" <NPC Name> hands <Character Name> # gold pieces and takes the <Item Name?.

job :

"Oh, I'm not important like you. I'm just a weaponsmith--and only a journeyman at that."

jour :

"Aye, just a few years ago I was a simple apprentice."

"Now I supply arms to all Trinsic!"

name :

"My name's Brandon, <Gender>, and I'm honored to meet thee!"

join :

"That would be a great honor! I'd love to!"

The man comes to his senses.

"But no, I can't. I've responsibilites here, especially now."

well,good,fine,okay,grea :

"And glad I am to hear it!"

now,supp :

"I have to make weapons to help fight the gargoyles!"

bye,noth :

"Farewell! May thy quest succeed, Avatar!"

weap :

"Perhaps you'd like to buy some. I'd be honored to have thee as a customer."

other :

"Beg pardon, <Gender>?"