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a short, heavyset man dressed in rags.


If called on lie :

"I ain't talkin' to you, you're just like all the rest!"

"I'll never crack, no matter 'ow many times you come back!"

Subsequent times after called on lie :

"All right, I give up."

"The rune is 'idden under a potted plant at the Slaughtered Lamb."

"Now go away and leave me alone."

Subsequent visits :

"<Gender>! Am I glad to see thee!"

"You're me last light in a world of darkness."

Initial visit :

"Who's there?" the thief calls insolently.

The thief's tone becomes more respectful as he recognizes you.

"'Strewth, it's the Avatar!"

"You've got to get me out of 'ere, <Gender>!"

grav,rob,crim,stol,out :

"I admit I robbed that grave."

"But it were only because 'is Lordship wouldn't be needin' that stuff no more."

"I 'ad me kids to feed, didn't I?"

rune :

"I'll tell you where the rune is if you'll let me go. I've got me kids to think of."

kids,fami,feed,farm,hars,out,here :

Tears fill the man's eyes.

"My poor children've got no one to take care of them now."

"I only stole to feed them, and that's the truth."

true,trut :

"True? Of course it's true!"

"Even a thief like me wouldn't lie to the Avatar."

know,lie,lyin,fals,fool :

"All right, I admit it. I 'aven't got any kids."

"But that stupid cow they got runnin' this place won't listen to reason--a little give-and-take, know what I mean?"

"I tell you what."

"If I tell you where the rune is, will you take it away?"

"I don't want these pompous blighters to 'ave it. Okay?"

no-"Then the gargoyles can take the lot of you!"

"You'll never get nothin' out of me!"

yes-"All right, I'll take your word for it."

"Go to the Slaughtered Lamb; I 'id the rune under a potted plant there."

"And spit on Her Ladyship for me!"

rele,let,free,go,allo,set,home :

"You mean it, <Gender>? Are they gonna let me go 'ome?"

no-His face falls. "Then I ain't sayin' nothin'. I've got me kids to think of, I do."

yes-His face lights up. "I knew I could count on you, <Gender>!"

"And I'll keep my end of the bargain."

"I 'id the rune under a potted plant in the Slaughtered Lamb inn."

If Iolo in party :

As you leave, Iolo whispers to you.

"Maybe it was necessary, <Avatar Name>, but lying makes me uneasy. Even to someone like him."

name :

"Me name's Boskin, <Gender>."

job :

"I'm but a poor farmer, forced into crime by the harshness of these times."

"There weren't no other way to feed me family, <Gender>!"

bye :

"Please, <Gender>! Tell them to let me go 'ome!"

"Tell them about me poor fatherless kids! They'll listen to you!"

other :

"Beg your pardon, <Gender>?"