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a short, barefooted crazy man.


"At last! I knew you'd come to steal my shoes someday! But I was too smart for you!"

"You see, I HAVE NO SHOES!"

name :

"A clever ploy, pretending to be friendly..."

"But if I told you my name was Bonn, then you could work foul magic to destroy my mind..."*

"I'll not fall for your tricks!"

bonn :

"Who told you that? Alas, I am undone! I must flee!"

job,desp :

"I have no job, nor shoes, nor any such thing."

"But I've learned from my misfortune, learned never to trust anyone, let alone to love."

stea,shoe :

"I threw my shoes into the sea when I saw you coming!"

lear,trus,misf :

"I trusted Hawkins once, and it led to nothing but despair."

hawk :

"Oh how I envy him his peaceful sleep!"

live,deat,envy,peac,slee,luck,kill,die :

"Death's embrace is the only true comfort a man can find in this world."

embr,comf :

"A good chair is worth a thousand bumberchutes."

bumb :

"Who told you about those? It's supposed to be a secret!"

worl :

"Flat as a pancake, and twice as tasty!"

love :

"Love is a slippery sled that flips over and pins you to the slope."

"And then, at night, the ice weasels come."

nigh,ice,weas :

"If you're lucky, they'll kill you!"

bee,head :

"The buzzing, they're always buzzing in my head."

mad,craz :

"I can help you! I'm the only sane one left."

only,sane,left :

"All the others LOST THEIR SHOES!"

help :

"Go to the Shrine of Honesty, and stand just to the east of it."

"Take 3 steps north, 2 steps west, 5 steps south, and 4 steps east."

"Then eat some grapes, and all will become clear to you!"

shri,hone,clea,grap :

"Mark my words!"

map :

A strange light comes into his eyes. "The map? The secret treasure map?"

"I still have it, right here in my house. Do you want it?"

no-"Good! You can't have it anyway!"

yes-"Too bad! I've hidden it well, and it will go to my grave with me!"

"I'll die all the better for still having it!"

hous,grav :

"I lived on the sea, and I'll die not far from it. Then my basement can be my tomb."

base,tomb :

"Too well hidden for the likes of you to find!"

sea :

"My shoes will be very happy there, dancing with the fishies!"

danc,fish :

"They'll dance a waltz, I doubt it not!"

walt :

"He begins laughing hysterically.

bye :

"Farewell, sweet enemy. I love you more than my own death!"

secr :

"You're not one of us!"

us :

"We know who we are..."

we :

"Me and the others."

othe :

"By the time you find out, it will be too late!"

time,find,out,late :

"I won't tell you because..."

other :

"Sometimes the bees in my head almost drive me mad!"