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a slightly built gypsy lad.


If didn't tip dog :

"Our dog did his best trick for you. You should show him some appreciation."


name :

"I am called Blaine."

job :

"I am a juggler. But I would fain join thee and go adventuring."

join,adve :

Already in party :

"I have joined you already!"

Not in party :

"Do you want me to come with you?"

no-"Okay. Let me know if you need my help later."

yes, in boat-"Not while you're in that thing!"

yes, party full-"You have enough travelling with you already."

"If you ask one of them to leave first, I'd be happy to join you."

yes-"I look forward to the many adventures we will share."

leav :

"I knew it! You don't really want to have a gypsy around."

"You wish me to leave you now, right?"

no-"Oh, pardon my mistake."

"It's just that we gypsies often have trouble finding acceptance among the gorgios."

"I'm very grateful that you've given me the chance to come along on your quest."

yes, on boat-"Let's get our feet back on solid ground first, okay?"

yes-"Fine. I'll be with my fellow gypsies if you change your mind."

"I suppose you'll be wanting to keep all this equipment."

He leaves everything he was carrying in a pile on the ground.

jugg :

I charge five gold for juggling. Would you like to see some?"

no-"Perhaps some other time."

yes, but no gold-"Best check your purse."

yes, have gold-The gypsy juggler takes three wands out of his knapsack and sets their ends afire.

Tossing them into the air, he begins juggling.

The pattern is elaborate, almost hypnotic as the tips of the wands describe great flaming arcs and spirals through the air.

At regular intervals he tosses one around behind his back.

Yet somehow it always finds its way back into the pattern with the other two, without missing a beat.

At last he catches all three of the wands in one hand, waves them with a great flourish, and bows deeply before you.*

As he extinguishes the wands, he says "I hope you enjoyed the show."

advi :

"My advice will cost you a gold coin. What do you say?"

no-"As you wish."

yes, but no gold-"Best check your purse."

yes, have gold-"Almost due east of Iolo's hut there lives a powerful enchanter."

buy,sell :

"I don't have anything to sell just now. Check back with me next week."

bye :

"Here's a little tune to lighten your step on the road ahead."

"Said the youthful earl to the gypsy girl,

As the moon was casting its silver shine:"

"Dear little lady, my gypsy lady,

Let me kiss those sweet lips of thine."

other :

"I can't help you with that."