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a man as large as the trees that surround his cottage.


In home, friend :

"You're welcome here."

In home, not friend :

"Why you bargin' inta my house?" he shouts.

Hefting his large axe, he prepares to defend his home.

In forest, not friend, subsequent times :

"Hah, sneakin' around in my forest, huh?"

"I told ya once already that I want to be left alone!"

In forest, not friend, initial time :

"I told the last one of ya that came by that I'll have nothin' t'do with yer wars, so shove off!"

In forest, friend :

"Hullo again, friend."

name :

"Ben. My friends call me Big Ben."

Friend :

"But you ain't one of my friends."

Not friend :

"I guess you can call me 'Big Ben'." He smiles broadly.

big :

Friend :

He fires a look at you. "I said only my friends call me that."

Not friend :

"'Tis my name. Don't wear it out." He laughs resoundingly at his wit.

ben :

"'Tis my name. Don't wear it out." He laughs resoundingly at his wit.

frie :

"It surprises you that I would have some."

"Sometimes it surprises me too." He laughs.

job :

"Have ya never seen a lumberman before?"

"Look around. Those stacks o' wood don't cut themselves."

fore :

"Aye, this is where I cut trees, and I don't like strangers wanderin' through!"

Friend :

"You're welcome here, though."

war,alon :

"Ever since I won that choppin' contest, the king's had a notion I'd be good at wittlin' on men the same way."

"Well, you can tell him I'm not interested."

king :

"You are from the king, ain't ya?"

yes-"I knew it!"

no-"Oh." He seems friendlier now.

buy,wood,log,yew :

Aye, are ya here to buy a log?"

no, friend-"Well, what do ya want then?"

no, not friend-"Well, come back sometime and I'll cut one for ya."

yes-"Who wants it?"

no character selected :

"Well, why'd ya say you wanted one?"

Character Full :

"But <Character Name> can't carry a log!"

No gold-"But <Character Name> don't have 5 gold!"

Else-"Logs is 5 gold apiece. Ya still want one?"

yes-<NPC Name> takes <Character Name>'s gold and hands over a fine yew log.

Ben seems friendlier now.

no-"Too pricey for ya, eh?"

bye :

Not friend :

"Careful in those woods now. Accidents happen...."

Friend :

"Careful in those woods now."

other :

"I spend too much time in these woods. Ask someone else."