Beh Lem

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Beh Lem


a small, light-skinned gargoyle.


Subsequent visits, learned Gargish :

"To ask how I can help, mighty <Avatar Name>," Beh Lem asks.

Initial greeting, not learned Gargish :

The gargoyle greets you enthusiastically, but you can't understand him!

Seeing your confusion, he switches to the human language. It's obviously a strain for him.

"Hello. I little human speak."

<Character Name> speaks. "<Avatar Name>, let's away from here."

"There's naught of use this creature can tell us. Agreed?"

yes-The confused gargoyle waves good-bye.

no-"As you wish, <Gender>."

john,capt :

"Captain John friend. He come here. I wait here."

name :

"No name. I Beh Lem."

job :

"I wait here. Captain John come."

spea,huma,litt,lang,read :

Captain John teach I human speak," the gargoyle says haltingly.

bye :

The confused gargoyle waves good-bye.

other :

The gargoyle shrugs.

If learned Gargish :

Initial visit :

"To greet you, human. To recognize you as the False Prophet!"

Subsequent visits :


To have met Valkadesh yet?"

yes-"Good! To know that he very much wanted to speak with you."

no-"Oh." The little gargoyle seems saddened.

capt,john,frie :

"To know Captain John! To help him and Valkedesh in their work," the youngster says proudly.

true :

"To not receive a true name until I have proved myself worthy."

name :

"To be called Beh Lem, which means 'just one.' To have not yet received a true name."

wort,prov :

"To not deserve a name yet. But to get one someday, just like my father Valkadesh!"

job :

If in party :

"To be here to help you, noble <Avatar Name>."

If not in party :

"To be here to wait for Captain John."

fath,scho,valk :

"To very much respect Valkadesh my father."

"To want to be a scholar someday just like him!"

dire :

"To ask what directions were unclear?"

"To wish to meet Valkadesh?"

If Beh Lem not in party :

"To go with you and guide you there!"

no-"Oh." The little gargoyle seems saddened.

"To wish directions to the house of Valkadesh?

no-"Then to not understand you."

"To go from the entrance to Hythloth westward, following the mountains."

"Then to turn north, at the Hall of Knowledge."

"To walk east along the mountains until you come to a narrow pass."

"To find the house of Valkadesh through the pass!"

"To see it at 40 degrees south, 65 degrees east by the sextant."

"But to take care! To avoid the lava pits and the Hall of Knowledge!"

"To understand these directions?"


no-"To ask what was unclear?"

join :

If joins group :

The little gargoyle eagerly joins your group.

If party full :

"To wish very much to join you. But to not have enough room in your party for another."

<Character Name> speaks. "<Avatar Name>, I'll return to the surface and let everyone know of our progress."

During your absence, <Character Name> decided to head for the surface, to inform Lord British of your progress.

sacr :

"To not know much about that. But to be sure that Valkadesh would know!"

cont,dili,pass :

"To be one of our guiding principles."

prin :

"To be surprised that you don't know that!"

"To have three guiding principles - control, diligence, and passion."

"To be the basis of all gargoyle beliefs."

fals,prop :

"To be feared by everybody - everybody except me and Valkadesh, my father!"

guid :

leav :

"To wish to stay with you!"

"To not leave until there is peace between our races!"

bye :

"May (your/our) persistence and precision lead to success!"

lava,pits :

"To be in danger from the lava! To stay far away!"

moun :

"To walk clockwise around the mountains from Hythloth to reach my father's house."

hous :

"To find the house of Valkadesh my father through the pass east of the @Hall."

hall,know :

"To find the Hall of Knowledge to the south of the city."

If not spoken to Valkadesh :

"To avoid the Hall! To talk to Valkadesh first!"

all,ever :

Repeat directions :

other :

"To know nothing about that."

"To be young. To think you should ask someone older."

"To truly wish I could help you with that."

"To not understand what you mean by <Last Input>."

"To not have enough experience to answer that."