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a colorfully clad, bemused looking gypsy.


"Hey, paisan! If you were looking to geta your fortune told, you came to the right place."

name :

"I'ma called Arturos. That meansa either 'foolish monkey' or 'he who sells cheese', depending on howa you translate it."

fool,monk,chee,tran :

"Yeah, go figure, huh?"

map :

If purchased map :

"Yeah, I used to have a map like that. Can't remember what I did with it, though..."

If didn't purchase map :

"Map. Hmm, map... Oh yeah, thata old thing. Sure, I got that, but she'sa not very interesting."

"Say--do you want to buy it?"

no-"Nah, I didn't think so. What for would anybody want to buy it, ah?"

yes-"Oh! Well, sure you do, she's a very important map!"

He leads you away from the rest of the group. "Don't want no spyin' ears, ah?"

"Yeah, this map, she'sa leading to the treasure of - oh, who was it, Yellowbeard or somebody."

"Well, I forget, but the point is it leads to a big, huge treasure!"

"So if you want this map you're agonna have to pay - 100 gold! Okay?"

yes-"Okay, here's the map, and may fortune bring you lotsa gold!"

no-"Well, I hate to see anybody pass up good fortune, so I tell you what I do."

"I sell you this map, this key to infinite wealth, for just 75 gold. Okay?"

yes-"Okay, here's the map, and may fortune bring you lotsa gold!"

no-"What, are you nuts? But okay, how'sabout just 50 gold?"

yes-"Okay, here's the map, and may fortune bring you lotsa gold!"

no-"Thank you! You have asaved me from amaking a big mistake!"

"You're right, I better hold on to this valuable map myself. No way is it worth less than 100 gold."

yes, but not enough gold-"Hey, what are you, a deadbeat? Come back when you can afford the map!"

yes, but inventory full-"Yeah, well, you've got a lot to carry right now."

"I do you a favor and just hold on to the map for you until you got room for it."

"I do you another favor and hold on to the money, too."

job :

"Ima the king of all the gypsies."

"Of course, thatsa what you call more of an 'honorary' title, so I tell fortunes on the side."

hono,titl,king,gyps,artu :

"You cana just call me 'Uncle Arthur' if you like."

zolt :

"He's a whadda you call, an impostor. You shouldn'ta listen to him."


-"I gota this fine set of fortune telling cards. These werea hand painted by Musgrave himself."

"For justa two gold,

If not asked about tablet :

"I'll tella you your future. Whadda you say?"

If asked about tablet :

"maybe I can help you finda this silver tablet."

"And I'll tell you the rest of your future as well. What a bargain! Whadda you say?"

no-"Ok, have it your way."

"But ifa some maniac with an axe catches you in a dark alley somewhere, don'ta blame me for not warning you."

yes, but no gold-"Come back whena you have the money."

yes, have gold-He takes out a deck of cards, shuffles it, and has you pick one.

"Okay, thisa card, she'sa the Tower. That means you'rea going to go into a real big building soon, like maybe a castle."

"Pretty good, huh? Maybe you want a better card, though. Do you want to pick again?"


yes-You pick another card. "This here isa the Wheel of Fortune."

"Wheels, they go 'round and 'round, so that means you'rea gonna have some good luck, and some bad luck."

"That doesn't tell you so much. Try for another card?"


yes-"Oh, hey, you picked the Lovers this time. I thinka maybe you should go talk to Andreas/Wanda, you know what I mean?"

"That'sa pretty good card. How about another one?"


yes-"This here's Temperance. Thata means that you shouldn't lose your temper."

"I cana find you a better card than that, here, wait a minute."

He picks out a card. "This is Justice, that'sa one of what they call the 'court cards.' Let me try again." He picks another.

"Okay, this isa better. This is the Hierophant. That'sa like an elephant, but taller and without the trunk."

"That means you'rea gonna see one of them someday. Pretty interesting, huh? Another card?"


yes-"Uh-oh, you justa drew the Death card. That means eithera you're going to kill somebody soon, ora somebody's gonna kill you."

"I can never geta that part straight. One more card?"


yes-"Allaright, now we're talking. You pickeda the Crow card. That'sa telling you adventuring isa for the birds."

"You should open a little shop somewhere and settle down, you know?"

"The cards didn't say nothin' about the silver tablet. Guess that means you're not gonna find it."

"Okay, that'sa # extra cards at 5 gold apiece. That makes # total."

If not enough gold :

"Since you don'ta have that much, I'll just settle for what you've got."

"That's life, you know?"

If have enough gold :

"It was a pleasure doinga business with you."

uncl,arth :

"That'sa nice and friendly. I like you too." He comes over and gives you a big hug.

bye :

"Hey, you come again soon, okay?"

Shamino whispers to you, "Best check your coinpouch. I think I saw something when that gypsy hugged you."

silv,tabl :

"The silver tablet? I don't know anything about that."

"But hey, maybe there's something in the cards about it, ah?"

other :

"Can'ta you think of something more interesting to talk about?"