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a frightened little man who never looks you in the eye.


If at pub :

He looks up from his mug of ale.

Subsequent visits :

"Oh, it's you. Hello."

Initial visit :


If not at pub :

Initial visit :

"Yes?" he asks, looking like he expects to be beaten any minute.

Subsequent visits :

"Yes? Oh, it's you." He almost looked you in the eyes then.

"What do you want from me?"

name :

"He looks around at the ground and mumbles "Arbeth."

arbe :

"Arbeth," he repeats quietly.

job,shop :

"Well," he says so quietly you have to lean close to hear, "I make wool into thread."

thre :

"Yes," he says, wringing his hands together.

weav :

"I'm not a weaver, <Gender>, just a spinner. Talk to Thindle."

thin :

"He lives here in Paws and is a fine weaver."

spid,silk,plan,ball :

"What? Oh, yes, I could spin spidersilk into thread. Do you want me to?"

At pub :

"Not now, <Gender>," he says timidly. "My shop is closed."

no-"Oh. Sorry," he mumbles.

yes-"Which of you?"

No character selected :

"Oh. Sorry," he mumbles.

Character selected :

"'Tis a most difficult job, <Character Name>. It'll cost thee 20 gold!"

"Still interested?"

no-"Oh. Sorry," he mumbles.

yes-"Good, good!" He seems much brighter and happier now.

Don't have silk-"Oh, but I'll need twoscore bits of spidersilk to do it!"

"Come back when thou hast 40 pieces of spidersilk and I'll make thy thread then."

yes, inventory full-"Oh, but you'll not be able to carry it, <Character Name>!"

"Come back when thy load is lighter and I'll make thy thread then."

yes, no gold-"You haven't the gold."

yes-Arbeth takes <Character Name>'s gold and silk and starts spinning...

Soon he has finished a spool of fine silk thread!

"There it is, <Character Name>, my finest work! A true pleasure!"

Arbeth hands <Character Name> the spool of silk.

"You'll have to find a weaver, of course..."

sell,wool :

No wool :

"None of you has any wool," he mutters.

Have wool :

"Which of you?"

"Will you take 6 gold for that wool?"

yes-He hands <Character Name> 6 gold pieces and takes the bale of wool.

yes, character has no wool-"But you don't have any wool!"


buy,thre :

"Which of you?

"Will you pay 3 gold for a spool of thread?"

yes, full-"You look pretty full to me."

yes-After accepting <Character Name>'s gold, <NPC Name> hands over the thread.

yes, no gold-"You haven't the gold."


timo :

"He is nice to me." he stops wringing his hands and seems to relax momentarily.

mort :

"He's much too loud." He looks up suddenly and his face goes ashen.

loud :

"But...I mean...maybe not too loud."

He whips his head around as if he's looking for someplace to hide.

mari,dori :

"She's alright, I guess."

gris,hend,uber :

"He's alright, I guess."

meri :

A smile crosses his face. "I like her. She brought me cookies once."

bye :

"Bye," he whispers.

other :

He twists his shoulders around and holds his palms up.