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a gentleman of slight build and refined manners.


Initial visit :

"Greetings! I am Lord Antonio. Might I ask thy name?"

yes-Then prithee, what is it?"

no-"As you wish."

"The pleasure is all mine."

Subsequent visits, given name :

"Greetings, <Avatar Name>! What brings thee here this

name :

"My name is Antonio."

job :

"I govern New Magincia."

"Fortunately the fine people of this town have few disputes to settle, leaving me plenty of time for my hobby."

new,magin :

"The city of humility is a lovely place to live."

time,hobb :

"I do magic tricks. It brings a bit of cheer into this imperfect world."

magi,tric,chee :

"Wouldst thou like to see one?"

no-"As you wish."

yes-"Splendid!" Antonio reaches into his pocket and takes out a balloon.

He blows it up until it bursts, and four doves appear from inside it, flying off towards the four points of the compass.*

"Did you enjoy that?"

no-"Too bad. Perhaps I should learn a better trick."

yes-"I knew you would. That's my favorite trick!"

rune,mant,humi :

"The most humble one amongst us knows the mantra."

"If thou canst find out who that is, tell me, and I will give thee the rune."

humb :

"Dost thou know who is the most humble person in this town?"

no-"Keep asking around."

yes-"Then what is that person's name?"

cono,star-Very astute of thee! Here is the rune, and I wish thee success on thy mission."

other-"'Tis not fitting that thou shouldst guess."

"Make sure thou dost know the answer before you speak with me again."

bye :

"Until we meet again, may your road be short and your fortunes long."

other :

"I cannot help thee with that."