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a handsome, carefree gypsy man.


If female :

"Hey, foxy! I bet you'd like me to unsheathe my weapon so you can have a look..."

If male :

"Hey there! Welcome to our humble caravan!"

either gender :

"You look like a bold warrior - would you like to spar a bit for practice?"

Subsequent visits, female :

"Ah, I see you couldn't stay away... I have that effect on women."

Subsequent visits, male :

"Welcome back, <Avatar Name>. Came for some more of our gypsy hospitality, I see!"

name :

"I am Andreas, prince of the gypsies."

job :

"I live the carefree life of a gypsy, traveling hither and yon."

love :

If female :

"Naturally, when so lovely a lady as yourself comes along, I offer, shall we say, my services."

If male :

"When the opportunity arises, I do what I can to brighten the lives of the ladies."

If female in party :

"I'll just bet he does!"

"Of course, you'd probably be more interested in my sister Wanda, right?"

yes-"Can't say I blame you. In fact, if she wasn't my sister..."

no-"Hmm, wouldn't have figured you for the type..."

prof,serv :

"We all have our talents. I myself happen to have two."

"I'd be glad to show you sometime!"

tale,show :

"What, you mean swordplay? Just ask, and I'll give thee a lesson you won't forget!"

wand :

"She practices the world's oldest profession. I, of course, have perfected it, and thus need no practice."

artu :

"He's my dad - the king of the gypsies!"

map :

"A map? Aye, Arturos has some scrap like that. I know nothing more of it."

trav,care,gyps,prin,king,life :

"Wouldn't you like to be a gypsy too?"

no'-"The more fool you!"

yes, low karma-"You have the carefree spirit, but alas, one must be born a gypsy."

yes, high karma-"A fine thing to dream of! But one such as you could never be a gypsy."

swor,spar,weap,unsh,less :

"Would you like to spar a bit?"

no-"Maybe some other time."

yes-Pulling a couple of sticks from his belt, the gypsy hands you one. You fight with them as if they were swords for a while.

After you're finished, he comes over and puts his arm around your shoulder as he gives you a few pointers on fencing style.

You're not sure, but you think perhaps you felt a slight tug at the pouch you keep your coins in.

silv,tabl :

"Ah yes, you've heard of the silver tablet!"

"I haven't got it myself, but I can tell you where it is for a price... Shall we say 7 gold pieces?"

no-"Suit yourself."

yes, but no gold-"Come back when you have the money."

yes-"I overheard a bard in a tavern say that it was somewhere on the Isle of the Avatar."

"Perhaps Arturos could tell you precisely."

bye :

If had sex :

"Come again soon."

If didn't have sex :

"I hope we get better acquainted when next we meet."

If female :

"I like your clothes, but I think you'd look better without them..."

If male :

"May your travels prove interesting."

sex,screw,boff,suck,head,lay,roll,hay,kink,make :

"Oho, so that's what you're after, you naughty girl/boy!"

If female :

"For a mere 10 gold pieces, I'll transport you to the heights of ecstasy. Will it be yea or nay?"

If male :

"Well... Normally I'm more of a ladies' man. But I guess your money is as good as anyone else's. It'll cost you 10 gold, okay?"

If already did sex :

"My mind is willing, but the flesh is weak..."

"Come back later, when I've had some time to rest."

If solo :

A voice in the back of your head asks, "Do you really have time for this?"

If in group :

<Character Name> interrupts. "`<Gender>, I really doubt we have time for this..."

"Well, come on. Yea or nay, <Gender>?"

no-"As you like. But take my advice--you should live a little now."

"That way, you'll have something to remember when you're old and gray..."

yes, but no gold-"Hey, you don't have the money! I don't take charity cases."

yes-The gypsy leads you into a nearby wagon...

After a while, you and he wander back to the rest of the caravan, weary but satisfied.

If solo :

You try to ignore the nagging voice in the back of your head that says you shouldn't have wasted time like that.

If in party :

<Character Name> scowls. "Well, you've certainly picked a fine one to be carrying on with."

"I would remind you that Britannia is under invasion by hordes of gargoyles, but I'd hate to spoil your fun..."

<NPC Name> laughs. "'Tis not a crime to give yourself over to pleasure..."

other :

"Don't trouble yourself about that. The art of the sword and the art of love are all that really matter."