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a distinguished looking gentleman.


Subsequent visits if male :

"Ah, <Avatar Name>, thou hast come back to get better acquainted!"

"<Avatar Name>, seeing thee again, I feel as if the clouds have parted to reveal the sun once more."

Subsequent visits if female :

"Milady <Avatar Name>! If thou art as happy to see me as I to see thee, then this must be for thee a joyous occasion indeed."

Initial Visit :

"Greetings, <Gender>, and welcome to the town of Cove."

Subsequent visits :

"Ah, <Avatar Name>! 'Tis an honor to welcome thee once more to my humble village."

"How might I be of assistance this fine

name :

"I am the Viscount Ahrmaand. And what is thy name?"

"Well met, <Gender>!"

job :

"I govern here in Cove. 'Tis hard work, but my people love me for it."

"I always thought it a blessing to live so close to a shrine, though since the gargoyles came none dare go near it."

cove,city :

"We have fine facilities here for healing the wounded and the sick."

shri :

"In Britannia there are eight shrines, one for each of the eight virtues of the Avatar."

"They are places where people can go to meditate on these virtues."

eigh,virt :

"The virtues are honesty, compassion, valour, justice, sacrifice, honor, spirituality, and humility."

"'Tis good to meditate on these virtues often."

medi :

"Each shrine has its own mantra. This is a chant which one should recite whilst meditating therein."

"Once there was a time when a special rune was required to enter each shrine as well."

"Now the gargoyles have taken the Shrine of Compassion, and it is lost to the people once more."

comp,sick,woun,gert,garg :

"A party of adventurers came here after their attempt to defeat the gargoyles at the Shrine of Compassion."

"I spoke with their leader when they arrived."

"Thou shouldst speak with him thyself. He told of a strange violet energy field."

"I think mayhap 'tis similar to the force which blocked entry to the shrines many years ago."

"The eight mystic runes were most useful in those days."

lead :

"He's in bed at Sasha's, recuperating."

forc,rune,myst,fiel,ener,viol :

"Use the Rune of Compassion whilst chanting the Mantra of Compassion."

"Methinks this may negate the gargoyle's magic at that shrine."

chan,mant :

"Ask Lord British's Chancellor, Tholden."

"He canst tell thee of the mantra, and like as not he will also know of the rune."

bye :

If female :

"Twas a delight to converse with thee, my dear."

"My heart will be aflutter with anticipation till thou dost visit me again."

If male :

"Farewell sirrah, and good luck with thy quest."

other :

"I cannot help thee with that."