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a gentleman with an air of leadership about him.


Subsequent visits :


Initial visit :

"Thou art the Avatar! I saw thy portrait in Lord British's castle."

"If there be any assistance I can offer, thou needst but ask it."

name :

"I am Lord Aganar of Moonglow."

job :

"I keep things running smoothly here. 'Tis not difficult in a town of such honesty."

moon :

"Verily, 'tis a fine town. Hast thou ever thought of moving here?"

no-"Thou wouldst not regret it."

yes-"There's good fishing off our shores, and plenty of merriment to be found over at the Blue Bottle."

fish :

"Aye, indeed."

blue,bott,merr :

"Thou wilt see much drinking at the Blue Bottle Tavern, and singing, and revelry, and telling of tales."

"But mostly drinking."

drin,sing,reve,tell,tale,tave :

"If thou art curious, why not go pay a visit?"

"Thou cannot miss it - 'tis the biggest building in town."

hone :

"Honesty is the virtue we prize most highly here in Moonglow."

"We are closest to the Shrine of Honesty, and indeed, the Rune of Honesty was entrusted into my care some years ago."

shri :

"'Tis north of here, on Dagger Isle."

dagg,isle :

"Aye, just a ways to the north."

rune,care :

"I had it once, but I entrusted it to Beyvin's care, as he is the most honest man I know."

"He lives with Penumbra."

mant :

"Penumbra might be able to help you with that."

penu :

"I can't imagine what Beyvin sees in her!"

beyv :

"Haven't seen him around lately. Penumbra should be able to tell you where to find him."

bye :

"Until next we meet, then."

other :

"Well you might ask..."