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a plump blond man with curly blond hair and a cheerful face.


Subsequent visits :

"Hello again, Avatar!"

Initial visit :

"Hello hello!"

"What can I do for you this

name :

Subsequent times :

"That's funny. I remember your name!"

Initial time :

"My name's Aaron."

job :

"I run the sawmill! Is there anything I can do for thee?"

saw :

"Yes, I saw logs into boards."

boar,log :

Shop closed :

"Come to my shop when I'm open!"

Shop open :

"My mill makes smooth boards and planks out of rough-cut logs."

If have log :

"Aye, I see <Character Name> has a yew log." He inspects the wood with a practiced eye.

"Good grain. Yes, I can make a fine board out of this log."

"But it will cost thee 5 gold, <Character Name>!"

"Still interested?"

yes, no gold-"Sorry, but I can't work for free!"

"Come back when you have the 5 gold!"

yes-Aaron goes to his saw and turns the log into a flat, sanded board.

"There!" He hands <Character Name> the finished product.

no-"Oh. Well, perhaps some other time then."

bye :


other :

"Beg pardon?"